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It’s the same old thing reemphasized, basic steps to accessorize your home. One, the theme, two, vary the height and size for interest, three, symmetry for formality asymmetry for a casual appearance and so on and so fourth………. . If you do GOOD DESIGN  these fundamentals are naturally applied.

Here at Jones & Eberhardt we specialize in helping our clients tell stories and create experiences in the context of their own spaces. It goes deeper than just the fundamentals. We incorporate memories, reflect on heritage, personal favorites, and individual lifestyles into accessorizing. Here is an example of just that.

The goddess Juno is illustrated on these 18th century plates displayed on the shelf which represents the clients fascination with mythology. The Grecian urns are a reflection of his European tour while in the military;  probably purchased in a souvenir shop in Greece. A framed  floor plan of Pompeii revisits the steps taken while on this historic journey.  The silver charger is her memory’s  of being an officers  wife, ” VP- 30 O Wives ” reads the engraving. The monogrammed hand towels are another one of our personal touches. To remember that special dog; a trophy reflects best in show from the O. D. K. C. ( Old Dominion Kennel Club ), one of my favorites on the shelf !