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Inspired by the artistic heritage of the city and moved to honor classic design elements of the past and present, Robert Jones has reached full maturity as an interior designer.

Operating under the philosophy that design speaks to the past and future, Jones has experimented with ingredients of line, shape, scale, and light, and become a master creator of compelling emotional force.

He has applied his talent for creating a specific sentiment to both residential and commercial design. While his location in historic Frederick, Maryland, has given him an opportunity to display his passion for history, his work has covered a broad spectrum and has included designs for commercial spaces such as Xerox Corporation in Rosslyn, Virginia.

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Philosophy of Interior Design



The artistic heritage of the city has been an influence of mine in developing my philosophy on design. Through Jones and Eberhardt, I’ve worked to honor classical elements both past and present.

I work to achieve compelling emotional force by applying my vocabulary selectively for each project. My genuine love for history resonates from our designs, as we mix old with new in the ongoing process of mastering scale in an interior environment. I work in a state of rediscovery of design that speaks to both present and future.

I create a welcoming environment that transcends the typical impersonal workspace.